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A Game of Finite Resources and Infinite Possibilities.

Fossil fuels are going to run out by the end of the year. As the heads of renewable energy companies you must work together to survive but individually to win.

3-4 Players
One Winner
Everyone Can Lose

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Sales will resume November 2021.

Forge Alliances. Save (or Exploit) The Environment.

The world needs fuel and fossil fuels are almost out. As renewable energy companies, you're tasked with developing the infrastructure required to keep the world powered. If you dont: mass panic, end of civilization, game over. But in the end only the company that donates the most energy to the world will replace carbon.

Do you have what it takes to survive and thrive in the last year of carbon?

1 hr Playtime
Backstabbery Key
Lil' Luck. Lil' Strategy.

Last Year of Carbon follows a repetitive structure with increasing difficulty as energy requirements and costs increase over the course of the game.

Develop Your Infrastructure.

Build factories to increase your energy output and batteries to save unused energy for later.

Use game cards to boost yourself up... or destroy the competition.

Sometimes it's smarter to spend energy on one of 300 beautiful game cards packed with flavor and powerful effects.

Flip news cards to stay up to date on the world. Who knows, maybe it will be good news?

Spoiler alert: it probably won't be good news.

Can You Use The Carbon? Yes.

Everyone can use the central carbon to build their energy empires. Just don't let it run out. If it does: mass panic, end of civilization, GAME OVER for EVERYONE. There are 24 carbon in a game and checkpoint goals are constantly increasing... so get to work!

We made a video of our prototype.